Learn about your bicycle, and it will teach you in return.

Welcome To Gracie's Wrench

A place for you to get intimate with your bicycle, learn its ins and outs and give it the caring it deserves.

A natural extension of riding is wrenching.

Keeping your bicycle honed and on-point will do the same for you. That weird click? Sometimes can't stop very well? It's easy to ignore it until you can get to the shop but...

The ability to make diagnosis and perform repairs is within your means. You may not be able to fix everything, but you can walk away with the knowledge of most basic maintenance and repairs, decide when it's time to consult the professionals, and gain the confidence to dive into the mysteries of one of your closest friends.

Make cycling a part of your lifestyle.

So imagine this, my fellow student had just dropped a few hundred bucks on a new component and was in a panic because he had put it on backwards (or something?) and thought he had ruined it. Tori calmly thought through the problem and actually figured out how to release the part–NOT because she had exactly done it before–but because she applied the principles she understands about how parts work. And she did it without freaking out! So while I learned lots about my bike, including tips to improve its functionality, I went home at the end of most evenings reflecting on Tori’s problem-solving skills and her patience. I also tried to keep her talking for the whole 3 hours so that I could benefit from everything she knows about all things bike related. The class went by way too fast and I need to take another.