Bike Repair Classes and Instruction

All classes and instruction are based on the philosophy that the best way to learn is to physically do it yourself, with your own hands on your own bike. Students work on their own bicycles, which gives more active time for them to absorb the information and really feel how things work. The lessons go beyond the basics into the tricks and tips that mechanics use every day.

  • Class and instruction location is in a small, private studio space in NE Portland
  • Tools, space and work stands provided
  • Students bring their bicycles, parts, rags and eagerness to learn
  • See the specific class or instruction registration page to reserve your spot

Learn where to put your hands, how to push, pull or manhandle your bike (as you’ll find it sometimes needs a little extra coaxing) to get the job done. At Gracie's Wrench, mistakes are welcome as they provide an opportunity to see what can go wrong and how to fix it, as well as extra experience in a supportive environment.