It all comes back around

So I teach and teach and most of the time don’t hear much from my students unless they have a crazy noise after our last class.  Some keep in touch and return to brush up on techniques or help with new builds.

I got this lovely email the other day that I want to share with you.  It made me grin from ear to ear.  There’s nothing like the validation that this is indeed a DIY class and you can take the wrench into your own hands to any extent you can imagine.

Thanks to Leslie for being such a great student and inspiration.  I’m not sure what’s scarier, taking on that many beater bikes or that may relatives.


Okay, I have the “bug” acheter du viagra internet.  Since taking your class I have overhauled 5 bikes.  All >20 years old.  All in marginal condition.  What fun.  A few things I couldn’t do.  So I took the bikes to a local shop in Hood River, Dirty Finger, and negotiated a rate for my bottom bracket repair on 2 of the bikes….  The guys up there are great…..   They like my “Shimano Biopace oval triple cranks” . . . did I say that correctly?

These are old steel frame mountian bikes from a long time ago. No shocks.  I converted them all to “townies” with upright bars (used) + higher-pressure tires + saddle bags (gargage sale).  Nice rides at this point.

Anyway, all good fun.  We had 18 family members visiting.  We had 11 functional bikes for people to take out riding/cruising.

I keep sending people your way.  Hope they show up.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You’re the best!

Leslie Root

PS-I “wrench” in my barbeque apron–not as cool as yours, but I’m clean!

(If anyone’s interested, I’ve got aprons for sale withthe Gracie’s Wrench logo for $10.  Drop me a line!)

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