Women’s (Cis/Trans/Non Binary) Beginner Maintenance Class

This is the same great class as our regular Beginner Maintenance Class, but Women and Trans sessions are for all women and trans identified people, and is closed to cisgender males, to provide a safer space for women and gender minorities

Learn where to put your hands, how to push, pull or coax your bike (as you’ll find it sometimes needs a little extra force) to get the job done. At Gracie’s Wrench, mistakes are welcome as they provide an opportunity to see what can go wrong and how to fix it, as well as extra experience in a supportive environment.

Classes cover:
Basic bike maintenance (including flat changes and on-the-road fixes)
Brake adjustments and pad replacement
Derailleur adjustments & shifting

Tools, space and work stands are provided for the courses. Students bring their bicycles, parts, rags and eagerness to learn. 

Each Women’s Beginner Maintenance Class has a 4 student maximum.

Cost: $150 per student. Parts not included but students get 15% off all purchases.

Where: The Basic Maintenance Classes are held at the Gracie’s Wrench Workshop.