Corporate Clinics and Workshops

Gracie's Wrench offers a variety of clinics and workshops tailored to your business’ individual needs. More and more studies are showing that cycling to work makes for happier, more engaged and ready-to-work employees. You can help encourage participation in getting to work by bike by providing workshops to encourage your workforce to ride to work and keep them safe-- and on-time-- with clinics to help them keep their bicycles running smoothly.

Give your employees the skills and confidence to begin commuting to their workplace and reap the benefits of a healthier, more positive and productive workplace. These clinics can be bundled together or purchased as individual workshops.

Our Clinics

  • Get Going!

    This clinic examines how to get started commuting. We cover resource gathering, the basics of what's needed to start, how to ride in various weather, how to map a route, basic bicycle law, safety and much more. Aimed at the brand-new or commuter curious. (1-1.5 hours)
  • Basic Maintenance

    This clinic covers a weekly guide on caring for your ride to keep your commute smooth and worry free. (1-1.5 hours)
  • Flat Repair

    This clinic covers what to do when the inevitable happens. It's a hands-on clinic full of leverage tips and tricks to make your way back on the road quickly and with ease. (1.5 hours)
  • One-on-One Consulting for Employees

    This service is to go beyond the group clinics for those employers that want to go the extra mile for their employees. This includes ride-alongs from the employees home to work, and extra individual time for questions or concerns about commuting.

Our Clients

  • CHM2Hill
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • The City of Portland Transportation Options
  • Go Loyld! (Lloyd Transportation Management Association)
  • Puppet Labs
  • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


"About a month ago attended a Bike Maintenance Clinic conducted by Tori at Bonneville Power. I've been riding for about 25 years and had accumulated all the knowledge I need for biking. Until I saw Tori's demo. Just goes to show us old dogs can still learn something. I picked up several nice tips from her.... Thanks Tori for a great session." --Mike, Bonneville Power

"As a full time bike commuter I really appreciated the bike repair workshop held this morning. There was a large crowd who kept asking questions well after the hour was up. I confess—my bike is really grimy. Now I know an effective and quick way to clean it. It was also a good reminder about taking care of the chain (and the right way to rub off excessive grease), brakes and rims. A well functioning bike is a much safer bike---as one whose breaks gave way on a hill I can certainly attest to this.

Thank for putting this on this workshop!" --Elly, Bonneville Power Administration

"I wanted you to know how much we appreciated you coming to CH for Thursday’s workshop. The people I have talked to all enjoyed it very much." -- Theresa, CHM2Hill

“I thought the training was fantastic. I would absolutely attend in the future. I am very interested in learning more and thought Tori was great. I really liked that she was very knowledgeable but not pretentious or superior. As a new rider it is easy to be intimidated by the bike culture of Portland but she was very down-to-earth and inspiring!” --CHM2Hill participant

“I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday and thought it was a very useful intro/overview. I feel like we could have sat there all afternoon talking about this, so I would like to see more presentations." --CHM2Hill clinic participant

"I've been riding since 1972 and have changed many flats (including sew-ups "back in the day"), but I was pleasantly surprised to find how helpful Gracie's "Fixing a Flat Tire" event was. Something about teaching an old dog new tricks...” --Lloyd Transportation Management Agency clinic participant

“I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday and thought it was a very useful intro/overview. I feel like we could have sat there all afternoon talking about this, so I would like to see more presentations. Bike repairs and maintenance would be great. I’d also appreciate more info on clothing and gear for a smooth commute, bike accessories (info on clip on pedals or not, lights, locks, fenders, etc.), and maybe a roundtable discussion on the various routes to work and tips for what might be best.” --CHM2Hill clinic participant